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Gum Arabic is also known as Gum Acacia or E414 is the product of the acacia tree.

Our Spray Dry has many applications in different branches.

Gum Acacia (also called Gum Arabic) is basically the sap of a group of small acacia trees and shrubs, which grow predominantly around the warmer regions of the world. These include the Tropics and the Subtropics.

Their growth is more influenced by natural factors than by any other artificial means.

Applications of Spray Dry

Gum Acacia is used extensively in industrial/ non- food application. The equivalent properties that are used
in food and pharmaceutical applications offer extensive new application these properties of emulsification;
stabilization, encapsulation, adhesion and binding action ensure wide usage of Gum Acacia in non-food
application. Below you see several industries we find applications of our Gum Acacia.


In the confectionary industry Gum Acacia is used to retard or prevent sugar crystallization. Also it can be used to emulsify the fat and keep it evenly distributed throughout the product.


The usage of Gum Acacia in pharmaceutical applications is based on its natural properties of emulsification, stabilization, demulcent action, adhesiveness and binding action.

Dairy Products

Almost any dairy product can contain Gum Acacia. Like all types of cheeses, from to unripened, milk and condensed milk, eggnog and other dairy-based drinks, dairy spreads, whey products and milk powder.

Processed Meats

Any meats that have been processed or have ingredients such as flavourings added to them are likely to contain Gum Acacia.

Bakery Products

Gum Acacia applied as a lubricant and binder in extruded snack cereals, Gum Acacia provides adhesion of dry flavors in peanuts and similar products.

Textile industry

Gum Acacia gives body in finishing silk and rayon fabric without loss of transparency. It is also used as sizing and finishing agent in printing formulations for importing designs or decoration to fabrics.

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