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A SMILE on the face of our farmers.

Back in 2013 during a master study of our General Manager Abdelrahman, we discovered that many small holder farmers became old, do not get enough money for their gum acacia to feed their families and that youth is leaving the villages.

If this process continues, there is no smile anymore left in the communities and no gum acacia anymore to feed the world. We decided to change the situation of the gum acacia production, paying fair prices, and adding value in the gum acacia chain close the farmers.

Creating jobs for the community.

We started training our farmers in 2015 to get the best quality. It starts with selecting the seeds to be planted and our financial support in the nursing. These seeds must be from high quality and a high producing tree, suitable for the specific area. After that we train the farmers on how to handle the tree, how to tap with the right instruments and how to catch the harvest keeping the high quality of the gum. The training makes farmers happy because they develop their skills and feel they are more in control.

When buying the harvest, we give a fair price to the farmers. The price depends on the quality of the gum and the current prices but is always at least the market price plus 10%.

The opening of our factories in Sudan.

In February 2021 we opened two factories in Sudan. One cleaning factory close to the production areas and a processing factory to add value to the gum acacia within Sudan. We process the gum to the industrial Spray Dry Powder and to the consumer Instant Powder.

As social return farmers get 20% of our net profit in projects for their communities.

Quicker Time-to-market

Our purchases buy straight from the farmers. Immediately it can be processed in our factories and exported.


We believe that our people and farmers are the most important drivers for the success of our mission.

We love our farmers

The better we care for our farmers, the higher quality and quantity we will get for a long-lasting future.

Quality Gum Acacia

We ensure high quality, purely organic gum. Our footprint with every batch is checked against international regulations and norms.

More profit for Sudan

Because we process the gum within Sudan, we add value to the product within in the country and share the profit for the benefit of the product chain.

Social Return

We plant trees. We dig water wells and water stores in the communities of our farmers.

Our concept on video

The concept of FOGA to deliver gum acacia straight from the farmers is unique.

We bring smiles on the farmers of our products. Everything is made sustainable.

This video explains our concept.

A SMILE from our farmers to you!


Due to FOGA’s advanced training I can optimize my harvest.


With the new planted trees, we have more rain in our area and can grow many vegetables.


This is the first company which was interested in us and did something for our people.

Our team - that is what makes us different!

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

Martijn Bergkamp

Partner & Sales

Elemam Musa

Manager Research and Development & Partner

Abdelrahman Ibrahim

General Manager & Partner

Marcel Zweedijk

Marketing & Brand Manager


Head women cooperative nurseries


Head women led nurseries


Technical Manager & Partner


Electrical Engineer


Mechanical Engineer


Trainer Agroforestry


Store keeper


Electrical Engineer








Quality Engineer

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