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Making impact on the Gum Acacia business

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.

In today’s world gum acacia is used in lot of products. And it has an increasing use as prebiotic for personal use as it is a healthy natural ingredient. The gum is derived from the acacia tree.

All our products are harvested from farmers we know.
Farmers are very happy because they get:

  • Maximum profit
  • New young trees to extend their farms
  • Support for community projects like education and hygienic training

Our cleaning factories are built close to the farmers to ease the processing and generate jobs for the society.

Our 2023 goal: 6000 Sudanese farmers helped with a job.
Proud statistic:
84000 trees planted in Africa.
FOGA increases amount of Gum Acacia being produced in Sudan.
FOGA distribution centers in Europe and Africa.

We provide following services

Fair, Transparant & Sustainable

Gum Acacia

Processing Factories

Spray Dry

Instant Powder

Our mission

FOGA is a company with a mission. We want to make positive impact on the Gum Acacia industry. Our purpose is to make this industry more fair.


We do fair business
We welcome our farmers to the FOGA family.
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Started from passion

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